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Scheduled Transactions - ability to edit a single occurence


I am using MoneyWiz2 alongside Microsoft Money on PC (can't wait for the Windows version of MoneyWiz2).

One feature in Microsoft Money that I really miss in MoneyWiz2 is the ability to change an individual occurrence of a scheduled transaction. For instance, I know that next month I will be receiving a bonus in my pay packet. It is incredibly simple in Microsoft Money to simply change the amount that I expect to be paid for just 1 occurrence. I have not found a simple way of doing this in MoneyWiz2.




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Hello Lee,

You can already modify the next occurrence of a Scheduled transaction without affecting the general template:

- if you go to Scheduled transactions section, tap on a transaction and choose Edit - those changes will be reflected in all upcoming instances of that Scheduled transaction,

- but if you go to Scheduled transactions section, tap on a transaction and then Pay and make some changes there, those changes would be reflected only in this particular instance of the Scheduled transaction.

That is not very flexible. For example, I know that I will receive a bonus on the payday before Christmas, and that I will not receive any pay the week after Christmas. I find myself wanting to change single instances in the future quite a lot. It is not a good interface if I have to pay every occurrence up to Christmas just to change 1 instance.

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Thank you for presenting us with this example! I'll note down your feature request and forward it to our team for investigation :)

I also use this feature often in MS Money and would like to see it in MoneyWiz


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I will also add some more examples of how I use this feature:

1. I use multiple accounts and transfer money between them as needed to keep the balances that I want on them. For this, I have a scheduled regular transfer between those accounts in some amount. I then go and change individual single occurences to shape the cashflow for the upcoming several months.

2. I use my credit card fairly often and the balance is different every month, depending on my spend. I have a transfer scheduled in some monthly average amount from my current account to my credit card. As I am closer to better estimating the spend for the current month, I then go and adjust the amount of the transfer for the next month or two. Credit card statements are usually generated on some date, but the money isn't debited from my account until the next month or so. Again, this gives me a much more precise cashflow projection.

These are just a few examples, but most follow the same scenario. I would really appreciate this feature as I use it almost on a daily basis.



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I fully support that request. It would be a great addition to Moneywiz and currently I miss it a lot!


This is similar to a request I've also made - the ability to do this is quite key to how I manage my finances.

Is there any update on this? Now that the Windows version is available this is the one missing feature preventing me for fully migrating from MS Money. Thanks.

I fully support that functionality. It is a key for managing efficiently your account. Thanks for taking into account our request. Marc
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