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the first day of the month

When I check the report or create a budget,

I want to change the first day of the month

not '1st day' but '16th day' or other.

(eg. 5.16~6.15/6.16~7.15)

Can I use or find this function?

thank you:) 

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You can generate a Report for Custom Period, and choose the dates between which you want to see data. Is this what you are looking for? 

Thank you for your fast feedback :)

but i want to use on 'Trends' report / consecutive days 

If I check the 5.16~7.15 on 'Custom period',  

the report was shown in 3 parts, 5.16~5.31, 6.1~6.31, and 7.1~7.15 

although i need to check 2 months, 5.16~6.15 and 6.16~7.15.

Is this possible?

For this, you would need to generate two separate Trends reports. One for  5.16~6.15 and one for 6.16~7.15. The reason is the MoneyWiz follows the Calendar month. 

We do plan on a Customisable Fiscal month option in a future update. 

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