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Moneywiz trial

Hi ,

I downloaded the IOS trial of moneywiz 2, signed into synkbits and it then told me on my other devices, my data had been upgraded, so I can no longer use my old app, on any device, I'm not at all happy about this, so I thought, okay, I will try the 1 month online banking, with Natwest, signed up through iTunes, but my login details didn't work, it came up with an error, 436 or something and I had to reset my bank security, I definitely used the correct details when trying to login with the app, so could someone help with this please.

I have emailed support but not had a reply.

regards Chris

Hello Chris,

I can see your two support tickets with us and in each of them one of my colleagues replied on the same day. Are you getting our e-mails?

We'll need to sort it out via private e-mail instead of public communication therefore can you please check if you've received a reply from us and then reply in that e-mail? We'll be happy to help.

I also had the same error message. It is scary when the system tells you it is going to disable your current account (on Android) because you have a latest version (IOS) on a different device. However, I have noticed that after closing the error messages, the data is still there. What is happening here exactly? Can someone please throw some light?


I've replied to your question here:

Let's keep the discussion going in one topic - in the one I've linked to.

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