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Please add an option to select a payee for a particular budget

I think that an ability to select a payee in budgets would be very useful. I would like to make a budget for a particular payee, but with the current set of options I am not able to do that.

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Thank you for your feature request! We'll leave the ticket open to see how many votes it gets and how popular it gets.

Have a great day!

Yes this is a very needed feature. I want to make a special budget for each of the family member. i could use payees for this in the budget. I think it shouldn't be to difficult to implement that.


Hi, this would be a very helpful. I run several projects at a time, so it would would be useful if I could make a separate budget for each of them and track expenses. This would add to the comprehensiveness of this app.

In future versions of MoneyWiz we will add a possibility to create Groups for Budgets (just as you can to for accounts right now). These Groups will play the role of the project, and you will be able to put several Budgets in the Group.

In upcoming 2.5 update there will be added custom filters in the reports which will allow to classify your expenses in budgets by payees as well. 

hope it will also be helpful!

I really want this feature, may I ask in the plan?


I will note your request. in the meantime please generate Custom report and filter the expenses by payees. or also you can add Tags in the Budget.

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