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Account Balance Report - Incorrect Amount when using previous dates

The 'Account Balance Report' shows Incorrect Amount when using previous dates. When selecting the previous month or custom dates then account balance shows the current balance on each account and not the the balance on the last day of the selected date range. The detailed 'expanded' export shows the correct running balances. The problem with it showing the current balance is there is no indication on the report as to when the current balance is. It would be better if the balance related to the date period of the report. The two images illustrate this, the balance on the cash account shows £39.39 for a date range to the 1st April. However the detailed running balance shows what the actual balance was on the 1st April. The £39.39 only relates to the balance on the day the report was produced, which could be any date.
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I agree with Pawel, I want to know how much I have spent last month from my different accounts.

Hello there!

Thank you for writing to us.

This is not a bug but a deliberate decision - the amount on the right of the account row will always display current account balance. We've been discussing this and consider this to be the best decision.

To get the balance for a particular date please mouse over the period on the graph and use the pop-over that appears.

Hi Thanks for replying, I do however feel it's the wrong decision. The idea of reports is to be able to have a record of your accounts at a given time. To save or print them to keep for your records for future reference. Clearly moving the mouse over a printed record is not an option. As much as I like MoneyWiz not being able to produce a report giving your account balances on a particular date is a failing of MoneyWiz.

Thank you for your feedback on this :) I'll make a note of your comment and we'll monitor how many users write to us about it before we decide to make a change.

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