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Online banking sync

Hi, sorry to bother you, but this is driving me crazy and I can't seem to find answers in the FAQ or in the Forums.

I signed up for the online banking tool (I mostly pay by card, so I figured this will help me keep my records organised). After an initial hickup (which the SaltEdge people very quickly corrected!), I got it to work.

However, it's far from usable. Several issues come to mind that are so bad that it seems impossible to me that this would be the intended mode of operation:

1) Online syncing is a pain in the ***, even comparable to offline import. To sync, I have to enter a 8-digit ID (every time!), then a PIN code, then I get a security SMS which means I have to switch away from MW, write it down somewhere, switch back to MW (often, it will return to the account page rather than the SYNC page, so I have to press SYNC again), enter the code and then wait for transaction to be fetched (and misclassified horribly, more on that below). This I have to do for each account! Is there a way to at least SYNC all accounts at once? Can't MW remember my ID? What am I doing wrong?

2) For my Credit card, all transactions get mislabeled as "credit card drawing" and misclassified as "fees". I have to go through the emails that I get from my bank to match them to payees (since typically then will appear on the account couple days after the actual transaction). My bank (via SaltEdge) includes the place in a NOTE field. Can MW use this information? Or will all credit card payments will forever be doomed to be hand-corrected?

3) Hand correcting transactions on an iPhone is too complicated. I have to click the transaction, then "options", then "edit", then I have to correct three fields (description, payee and category). What a pain. How about having "edit" as swipe to the right? And how about suggesting the right category when I correct the payee? This would almost 100 % be correct.

4) I like MoneyWiz and have been a user for some time, but I keep struggling with persevering in using it. Online banking has the ability to be the solution, but in its current form, I have to ask whether it's worth the money I am paying for the functionality.

Thanks for your help


Hello Jan,

I'm sorry to hear about those issues! Let me comment on them:

1. This is something beyond our control. We can ask Salt Edge if there's something they can do about it but in most cases this stuff is controlled by the bank itself so if bank restricts automatic sign-in for some reason, we cannot do anything about it. Furthermore, the details you need to enter are controlled by the bank too, not by MoneyWiz (neither MoneyWiz, nor Salt Edge ask you to enter anything that the bank doesn't request).

If you were in touch with Salt Edge on your own recently, please contact them again so they can have context of your e-mail. Otherwise we'll need you to e-mail us at so we can gather some information about your connection before contacting Salt Edge on your behalf.

2. We should be able to address this. What do you mean by "(mis)label"? Is this the Category or Payee? Are Payees correct?

3. We have a gesture like this on our to-do list for the future! :)

Dear Pawel, thanks for your response!

1. I am sure that saving my login ID number is not something that you/SaltEdge could not do. As I udnerstand from SaltEdge, they log in through the normal website, hence the request for a SMS code (which makes no sense on a mobile device). They at least agreed to take the whole message as the security token and parse the code from that - the iPhone make it possible to copy a message in its entirety - so there will no longer be a need to write the code down.

2. Neither Payees, nor descriptions, or categories are correct. It's all "Credit Card Drawing" (description and Payee) and "Fees" (category). 
This is how the bank identifies it in the email I get from them:
částka -192,89 CZK

detaily transakce:

číslo PK *123


Částka: 6,98 EUR 14.07.2015


(that's amount (in CZK), details, Card No. last 4 digits, message, amount (original currency+date) and place.)

The "place" field actually contains a place (Town) and Payee. I have no idea if this field actually makes it to you via SaltEdge.

3. The different Swipes would be a great boost to productivity, just like Apple has done in their email client!

Thanks a lot!


Let us investigate number 2 then - could you please write to us at with the following information:

1. A screenshot of a couple of transactions that were incorrectly labelled (payee/description) from MoneyWiz. If we fix this, we should be able to fix Categories too.

2. A similar screenshot of how the transactions descriptions are displayed on your bank website.

3. Information regarding your Online Banking connection:

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