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Entering Time Issue

When adding the date then to the the time I am finding it reverts back to the date wheel, thus I have to keep pressing the time icon numourous times to complete.

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We couldn't reproduce the issue. Could you please specify on which device exactly you are using MoneyWiz (what is the generation of device, i.e. iPhone 4s, iPad 3...) and what is the MoneyWiz version there? On iOS you can check the version number by going to MoneyWiz > Settings > About & Help > Look at the number just below the last button (Online help).

I've had this happen occasionally on iPhone 5.

Just tried and had it happen but can't replicate now, may have been while MW was syncing that it happened. Currently iOS 8.4 MW 2.0.6 but has happened on previous iOS and MW.

1 Started app

2 Went to account

3 tapped '+'

4 entered Payee and amount 

5 tapped Date & time

6 tapped time 

7 time showed then reverted to date

8 tapped time goto 7

tapped < then 1 - 6 was fine transaction completed

Hello everyone,

I was unable to reproduce this issue either. If anyone reproduces this again, please write to us directly at Thank you!