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Report Start Screen

Why does the report start screen (graph displayed at the top) continue to refresh itself even when you stay on this page.



Hi Terence,

On which device does that happen (iPad or Mac)? What is the MoneyWiz version? How much time you need to stay on the Report page for it to refresh? Maybe you could provide us with some kind of an evidence, like a captured video?

Do you have a SYNCbits account?



Should have provided more detail.

Mac, Yosemite 10.10.4

Moneywiz 2.0.6 (build 40) from app store.

It's approx. every minute.

I don't have a SYNCbits account?

Wiil see if I can capture a video.

All the best


Here is a video.

(1.07 MB)

Thank you for the video Terence!

We've designed it like this to make sure it always displays up to-date information. Is this causing problems for you?

If you are already on the page why would you update it because you cannot change any information from this page?

I would have thought this page would only update when you visited it and not via. a timer.

I think to keep getting the updating display icon periodically gives the impression something may have changed when it hasn't.



I'll forward your feedback to our team although I cannot promise we'll be changing this behaviour.

There is still a way to update the database without leaving this screen - for example via the sync service or Scheduled transactions that were set to be automatically paid :)

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