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Improvements in URL scheme

There are 3 URL actions in MoneyWiz 2: launch, income, expense

I would like to suggest more delicate URL actions.

When the URL actions are invoked, it would be great if they actually add the data into the DB instead of just showing the input form.

For example, 


I think this feature has a great potential on inter-operation and communication with other apps.

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This would be SUPER useful, especially combined with apps such workflow! Please do that .

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Hello Hylo,

Thank you for writing to us. We're looking closely at the idea of URL schemes. I'll leave this ticket open to see how many upvotes it gets.

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n my work schedule it's difficult to enter expense one by one daily. So wish there were bulk add options or better URL schemes like moneywiz://expense?acc=wallet&amt=240&payee=Starbucks So I could create an workflow in workflow app for easy entry Please make this soon
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