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When budgeting, how do you know how much you have available to budget?

Ive used other budgeting software where they tell you how much money you have available to budget based on your current account balance, minus pending transactions and money already budgeted. Basically it's the envelope system. Is there any chance money wiz could show how much money is available to budget on the budget screen?

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Thank you Lee for submitting your feature request! I'll pass it to our team for investigation and consideration :)

At the moment, you could experiment with the Forecast report to see how much money you have available after all Scheduled transactions and future transactions are paid (Forecast report does not yet take into account your budgets).

If it helps to push this feature request to implementation sooner than later. One of YNAB's features to help manage and plan personal finances is to give every dollar a job. In practice it helps to know how much of your income has not been allocated to a budget and not leave funds up to spontaneous transactions.

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