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Problem with Custom reports on Budgets


I run into problem with custom reports which i create to monitor my budgets. The problem arrises when rollover for budgets is being used. As you can see from attached printscreen - custom report created on Budgets, for all budgets, using Bar chart, breakdown by budgets, for current month or previouse month give a wrong number on Budget balance if particular budget is used as a rollover budget. Instead of showing an actual set budget per month (for example for the Car /Машина in my case) of 200€ per month, or actually available budget (monthly +/- over/underspent during previouse months) it multiplies budget by the number of month since it was created. In my example all budgets where created on 01 of March 2015. So for the 2 budgets that are used with rollover function the chart show the budgeted amount as monthly amount multiplied by number of month since budget was created. In my case its 4 month since March, therefore rollover budgets are 4 times bigger then they sould be. Car budget shows 800€ instead of 200€ per month. Same for budget called Ёся - shows 200€ instead of 50€ per month. Used amounts all show correctly.  Other Budgets are also calculated correctly as you can see from my print screen. You can also compare the difference between what is shown correctly in the budgets tab within the sidebar (on the left) and the result of the custom report itself.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi Sergey,

Thank you for writing to us.

Those budgets have rollover enabled as you say. Have you spent anything in them previously? If you've created them 1 March 2015 but did not spend anything there until now, they would have accumulated some additional funds for you to spend (since rollover is enabled).

Can you please go to each budget register itself (where you see budget transactions), then tap on the balance boxes at the bottom so that one displays "Remaining"? The balance in the sidebar always displays your original budget allowance but the indicator at the bottom will display your actual allowance, including any changes that rollover might have imposed.

Hi Pawel,

Thanks for your reply. What you have mentioned is not the case, the problem is in what has been explained above. I will try to explain it once again:

I have a Car budget for example. It has been set on 01 March 2015 as a rollover budget with monthly allowance of 200€. First month I spent 80% of total monthly budget = 160€, next month roughly 120% or 240€, then third month again something around 110%. So at the current month of June as my screen shot shows in Car budget so far I have spent 152.19€ remaining budget amount shows 23.34€, which means that my starting rollover budget at the beginning of the month was 152.19+23.34= 175,53€.

So the custom report that has a bug mentioned before should be showing as a balance for my Car budget an amount of either 200€ or 175.53€ (original budget allowance per month / or actual including rollover adjustments). In any case it should be showing monthly allowance (current or previous month depending on the settings) but not the sum of monthly allowances since the budget was created. In my case the report on the value of budget balance (green numbers) for the rollover budget takes the monthly allowance figure (200€) since the date of budget creation till current period-totaling 800€ (200€ * 4 month since 1March2015), nevertheless in the settings for the report it clearly specifies For period (THIS MONTH) - see my second screen shot of report settings. So the actual spendings are shown correctly for the current month, but the total budget allowance shows the sum of monthly allowance since budget was created. 

Just to make it clearer - next month the same report run for the month of July 2015 would be showing in used budget (red numbers) the correct figures for the next month, but balance would be already 1000€ (200€ monthly allowance * 5 month).

Also if I would delete now that budget and create it once again as rollover budget lets say starting from 01 June 2015 - it would be showing correct report for the current month with budget amount 200€ and actual spending during current month. But for the next month it will be already showing budget amount of 400€ (2 month budget allowance) and actual spendings for the month of July. In august it will show budget of 600€ and etc.

This bug relates only to budgets that use rollover, for the regular budgets it shows everything correctly (current month actually budget and current month actually spendings).



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