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Expenses and Incomes

Would it be possible to view incomes and expenses for a given period and be able to see details for those expenses. For example if I spent $10,000 in August on an array of items/bills/charities etc it would be nice to see the individual expenses in one place instead of having to go through multiple accounts to see where the expenses came from. 

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Hello there,

Thank you for posting on the forums!

If that group of transactions include both expenses and incomes then there is currently no easy way to do this. However, we are already working on Tags feature (most likely for 2.1 update coming later this year) that would allow you to tag transactions. This would allow you to combine transactions of different types together, therefore I'll mark this feature as Planned :)

I'm sorry I don't think I was clear. There is a custom report that can spit out expenses monthly. Is it possible for us to get a widget with the same detail as the report, so that I wouldn't have to run the report every week for a month if I wanted those details every week.

So it's not that I wanted to combine both incomes and expenses (although that would be nice too) I just wanted a detailed breakdown separately in widget form. Sorry for the confusion, I hope this is clearer.

Ah, I understand now :) Yes, we are working on a feature that would allow you to save reports you generate often as widgets in the Dashboard :)

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