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Printing in OSX

I am a newcomer to MoneyWiz so may have missed this but is it possible to change the page setup when printing to landscape rather than portrait.

Also when printing the main heading overlaps the date period.

Also when choosing a category to print the printout does not identify the category on the x-axis it just says category.

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When printing I think it should be allowed by the printing settings itself, whether to print in landscape or portrait mode.

As for the other issues, could you please be so kind to provide us with some exact example of overlaying, etc on the screen shot maybe..


1. On a Mac it is put to the app to provide the page setup dialogue. This is a system call you should incorporate. However, you will have difficulty with this because the bar/pie charts when printed out are NOT PDF but are simply images. You need to update your programme to a more modern setup.

2. Attached is a PDF that shows the overlaying.

3. See the image above, this a printout of a category (in this case food). Nowhere does the printout identify the category.

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Hello Terry,

Thank you for pointing it out to us! We have it on our to-do list to completely re-design the PDF export engine. We have no estimate when we might be able to incorporate the new engine into MoneyWiz but it is definitely something we'll be looking into in one of the updates.

On iOS, at the moment it is impossible to change the PDF sheet orientation while exporting to PDF.

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