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MoneyWiz 2 on-line banking imports only recent transactions

I've submitted a ticket for this but I decided to share it here as well if someone has experienced anything similar.

I just downloaded Money Wiz 2 and subscribed to a one year plan for online banking. As I connected MW with my account the first time I noticed that the oldest transactions are from this March although I've had the account for years. Why is this? I would like to see all my transactions not only the ones couple of months back. I'm in Canada with RBC.

Hi Toni,

Thank you for joining the Forum. I have closed that ticket. 

This depends on the provider of the online banking. Starting with MoneyWiz 2.0.4 coming in the end of March, there will be two providers SaltEdge (our existing partner who's service you are using now) and Yodlee

SaltEdge downloads up to 60 days of history transactions, whilst Yodlee is bank dependent, but majority of banks offer up to 90 days. 

Thanks Asen,

So I'm not sure if I understand this correctly but do I have an option to choose between these two - SaltEdge or Yodlee or is this something to do with my bank's back end?

Hi Toni, 

SaltEdge and Yodlee are the online banking data aggregation service that we sue to bring it your online banking into MoneyWiz. They have different policies on how old transaction history to provide.

In some cases one and the same bank is supported by both Yodlee & SaltEdge. However, there are banks that are only available via SaltEdge and the other way around, some are available only via Yodlee. 

Thanks Asen, I see what you mean. Now, what are my options to get old transactions into Money Wiz? I don't know which one is supported by RBC Canada.

Hi Toni, 

My pleasure. You could find which provider you used by opening the account for edit. 

What you can do is to download your historical data to CSV/QIF/OFX - MoneyWiz supports all of them and the import has a built-ins auto-categorisation which I think will be very helpful, so you can see how say spendings for Electricity have changed over the years. 

You may refer to this page for more details: Import OFX, QIF and CSV files from banks or other applications

I double clicked on the account but I don't see anywhere which provider was used. I'm on a mac - not sure if that makes a difference over tablet.

Maybe it's just my bank but I tried downloading all transactions manually and I got only as far as last February.


It might be that your bank does not keep a long history of transactions. So it is entirely possible that all you can find is February.

As for the provider - once you click twice on the account in the sidebar, you'll see your account details. There you'll see your balance as well as a button to Disconnect from Online Banking. Just right next to them you should see text in grey colour saying either Salt Edge or Yodlee as well as other debugging information.

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