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Transaction Clasification

Hi, having moved from Pocket Money to MoneyWiz (this app is so much better and bug free), one of the features I miss is classification.  In Pocket Money I could assign a transaction to a class eg 'Holiday Devon' and anything spent during the holiday I can add to this Class - quickly lets me see how much and what was spent on the holiday.  This would be something I would like to see in a future development.

Many thanks

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Hi Richard, 

Thank you for joining the Forums. We do have this planned already. However instead of Class we have named it Tags. 

Hi Asen

Thank you for the response, great to hear this is in the pipeline, do you have an idea when this would be likely?  Oh and I don't mind what you call it :o)

Unfortunately we don't have any estimate about it, but I think it will not come before 2.1 update.


Hi, is there an update on the request to add as you put it for the 'Tags', this is still something I would really like as a feature.  As having a couple of cars in current renovation I can add to each Tag the work and costs allocated to each car.

Many thanks

Hi Richard,

This functionality is still planned for MoneyWiz 2. Probably somewhere around 2.4 and 2.5 updates. It's just we had to release some emergency updates in between to fix some bugs. But the feature is on track and going to be presented in later updates of MoneyWiz 2 indeed.

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