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Show High/Low Values for Forecast And Other Graphs On y Axis

On Moneywiz 1 when you produced a report that resulted in a graph e.g. a forecast it would show you the highest value and the lowest value as a number on the y axis and highlighted the points on the line when these values occurred.

This was mentioned on the forums almost as soon as Moneywiz 2 was released and we were told that it was being worked on but since the move to the new forums it seems like it has been forgotten about.

The graphs are fairly useless without this feature and it means having to scroll through the list of transactions to see where the high and low points occur.

Please add this feature asap as it was the main reason I used the app.

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Thank you for writing to us. In fact we have not forgotten about this and this is planned for future MoneyWiz updates. We plan to implement it in MoneyWiz 2.1 update.


Excellent news. Thank's for the quick reply.

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