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Please add an option to see an inverse exchange rate

When you make transfers between different currencies it is very inconvenient to see exchange rate in one direction only. it would be much more convenient to be able to tap on exchange rate field or somewhere else to see the inverse rate. In exchange offices the exchange rate is mostly displayed in local currency. But if you make the transfer in the MoneyWiz app, the exchange rate is displayed in the currency of the source (from) account. So I can't just enter the exchange rate and see how much the value would be in the corresponding currency. I have to calculate either the inverse rate and enter it, or I have to calculate the amount of the corresponding currency. 

Especially when you have a currency that has very high value, for example 1 USD= 187 KZT. When you make a transaction from KZT ot USD, the app would display exchange rate as 0.0053475. Neither banks, nor exchange offices use this rate, they only use 1:187. But the app forces me to enter it in the incompatible format.

So please make us an option to be able to enter the exchange rate in either way.



Thank you for your comment!

What about entering the outgoing amount first and then the received amount? Those fields are dynamic so MoneyWiz will automatically calculate the exchange rate for you. Therefore you do not need to know the exchange rate if you know how much you've paid and how much you've received.

Does this work for you?

Yes, this is actually what I have to do now. But this requires me to press the home button, open calculator, do the calculation, and then close calculator and open the MoneyWiz app again and enter the amount. If the amount is big, and has some decimals, I have to reverify the amount by opening the calculator app again. 

So this not that convenient 


Ah, so you would like to use MoneyWiz as a currency converter? I understand now, sorry.

I'll note your feature request but we are dedicated to keep our application focused on personal finance. Converting currencies falls more into an utility application. We'll look into this though!

In the meantime, you might want to look around the App Store - there are plenty of applications that allow you to quickly and easily convert currencies.

No, I don't need a currency converter. I need an app for my finance, your app has a multicurrency features, and it already has one way currency rate, why not include the other way. For me, and I think for many people who travel a lot, multicurrency feature is one of the most essential features. I, personally, use 4 currencies currently.

I came from Android platform, where I used anMoney for my personal finance. The features that i have been asking in this forum, are mostly the ones that I used in that app and miss in yours. I found your app compared to other apps in the appstore to have most of the features of anMoney. That's why I chose MoneyWiz, However, I still lack some of them. I am surprised to find that Appstore doesn't have anything that matches anMoney. 

This is not something extraordinary that I ask. The feature is there, just make it more flexible. This is to our benefit and yours at the same time. When people look for a financial app, they look for the most flexible solution. If you implement things that your users ask, that would make it more flexible to users needs and increase the value of your app. So referring your users to some other solution instead of trying to implement the need of your users is something that would actually draw your users from your app.

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