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Link scheduled transactions

So this might have already been noted somewhere, but I can't find it whatsoever...

It would be great if there was a way to link or associate a scheduled transaction to an actual transaction that has come in via bank feed / cvs import. Currently I have scheduled transactions, and then when the payment comes in I just skip it, and thus it serves purely as a reminder. 

Presumably the 'proper' way to do it as per the current implementation is to 'pay' the transaction, then delete the actual bank transaction so they are linked... very cumbersome though!

It's really just a basic reconciliation feature.

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Hello Michael,

Actually, what we recommend is that you disable auto-pay for all Scheduled transactions that are linked to Online Banking account and once they become due, use the Skip feature instead of Pay. This will allow you to utilise the Scheduled transactions for forecasting, without duplicating transactions in your Account register.

We do our best to detect duplicates but MoneyWiz might sometimes fail to recognise a duplicate for a variety of reasons. Therefore for one of the upcoming updates we consider implementing an auto-skip feature in place of auto-pay for Online Banking accounts.

Hi Pawel,

I noticed that if we long-click on a transaction from an online account, we have a "Make Scheduled" option. Does that mean that we can create scheduled transactions for online accounts? Will MoneyWiz recognise that same instance of the transaction in the future and reconcile them?



This feature is actually available for regular accounts too. What this allows you to do is to create a Scheduled transaction using that regular transaction as a template.

MoneyWiz will recognise a duplicate if the amount is exactly the same and the date is within +/- 3 days range but I'd make the same advice to you that I made to Michael :)

I noticed the same issue. I logged to find myself surprised at the amount of money in my checking account!! A fix for this may be the ability to merge transactions. Present the two side by side and click check boxes for which payee, amount, etc. I want to use for the register.

Hi, can you tell me what is the best way to deal with this issue now? I noticed that there is now no auto-pay option in the Scheduling of transactions but there is an auto-skip, is this the best way to deal with it still or would it be better to utilise Magda's idea of using the "Make Scheduled" feature?


Indeed, the fix now is to use the auto-skip feature. For offline (not connected to Online Banking) accounts Scheduled transactions have auto-pay option. However if the account in question is connected to Online Banking the auto-pay function changes to auto-skip. With this enabled, MoneyWiz skips the Scheduled transaction once it becomes due - because there's no point for MoneyWiz to post a duplicate since it'll be downloaded from Online Banking soon.

Hi, thanks for the reply Pawel. I have used the "make scheduled" feature with all of my regular outgoings but I have not ticked the "auto-skip" for any of them, you are saying i should do so? Does it not recognise that payment when it goes out and automatically click it through?


If you're using Online Banking, I think you should tick "auto-skip" - it just makes your life in MoneyWiz much easier as you don't need to worry about possible duplicates caused by Scheduled transactions.

If you leave it disabled, MoneyWiz will execute this Scheduled transaction when it becomes due (or rather, you'd execute it to get rid of the overdue badge). When MoneyWiz syncs a transaction from Online Banking it checks for a transaction with exactly the same amount and roughly the same date (+/- 3 days to compensate for weekends). If it finds it, it'll update the transaction MoneyWiz created with new data (if there is any data missing) but not create a duplicate. However, if the amount is just off by 0,01, a new transaction will be created. That's why I believe that using "auto-skip" is much easier.

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