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Budget totals incorrect. Shows transaction but can't do maths!


I have budgets that on iOS regularly show the incorrect amount used/remaining total at the bottom of the screen. These are not rollover budgets, so previous months entries should not be an issue.

Attached is a screenshot that shows the budget has correctly identified the transactions it should be counting. however, you'll notice that the combined total should be £106. However the total at the bottom tells me it's only £6!

There isn't even a transaction that has a value of £6, so I don't know how it came to this figure.

Several of these transactions happen on the same day, and I found a thread about a similar bug that has apparently been fixed. Not sure if it could be related:

The same budget displays correctly on the mac version of Moneywiz. Everything is fully updated and has been synced.

(84.6 KB)

Hello Ben,

Thank you for writing to us.

The linked issue is not likely to be the cause here - if Mac displays everything OK, perhaps there is a problem with syncing your data. Can you please ensure that Mac has your correct data, including correct account balances and then try reinstalling MoneyWiz for iPhone?

Tap and hold on MoneyWiz icon until it starts to wiggle and then tap the "x" that appears. Confirm that you understand that all of your MoneyWiz data will be deleted. Please note that any image or PDF attachments you might have will be lost as we don't sync them for now.

Afterwards, download MoneyWiz again from the App Store (as long as you use the same Apple ID that was used with the original purchase, you won't be charged twice). If you use various Apple IDs, please stay logged into the one you purchased MoneyWiz with until you launch it once.

How does it look like after signing back in?

Hi Pawel,

Reinstalling moneywiz on the iPhone seems to have fixed the issue. Strange one as it had synced the transactions before, I could see them in the budget, but it couldn't add them up. A partial sync that got interrupted maybe and then didn't fix itself on subsequent syncs?

Anyway, all looks good now!

Thanks for your help.


Glad to hear that :) Indeed, it seems it was temporary sync glitch.