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Make same layout on both number pads, or get rid of one

I think it would be more logical and more intuitive to have same layout on both number pads. Now on standard number pad the layout of the numbers is like on a phone dial pad, but on calculator it is different this makes some confusion when you switch between them. Also it would be a good idea to increase the number pad a bit, then just calculator number pad would be enough.

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Thank you very much Erzat for submitting this! I'll leave the request open for more feedback as making such change can either make many users happy or many users unhappy. You are the first user to point it out to us so I would like to see how many votes this feature gets before we make a change.

There is also an option to make it customizable by users in the settings. That way all would be happy ;-)

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I think there is enough screen real estate to just make the number pad with the calculator bigger and forsake the other one. 

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