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Dates in Transfer Transactions

 A couple of times now, I've seen a Transfer that showed a "Sent Date" and a "Received Date".

However, I have absolutely no idea how that happened, since when I create a new Transfer, I only get the one "Date" field.

Can you please explain how this functionality is enabled?


heh, I've spent almost an hour to find this topic and find out how to setup those «long» transfers and the answer is...nohow :(

Usually it takes up to 1 week for sending money from account A and receiving in account B. The problem is, if I use usual "pending" transactions, the money appears in account B instantly, even if the date is in future. So I use scheduled transactions with autopay checkbox on..but that way I got an opposite..I will have money on account A before that date...and the whole week I will have wrong account balance..I send money each week, so I always have wrong balance on that here's +1 for this feature.

It should definitely help out many of us, even if not that much people search on forums. As I said, I spent pretty much time to find this topic.


One thing to mention... It is also possible that there will be negative delay between the outgoing and incoming transactions. The best example are cash withdrawals, where I get the cash out of the ATM immediately but the transaction will show on my account a few days later... Josef

Hi Josef, noted too :) 


I cannot seem to vote on this one but indeed this is the same in most countries. Banks just pretend that computers don't work over weekends for example. I would definitely like to see this option in all transfers.



We'll note your feature request and monitor this topic to see how many votes it gets :) Thanks!

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 Hi Volodymyr,

Why does MW2 assume that only currency conversion transfers can take a long time to process?  In reality, it's quite common (at least in the UK) for transfers that take place in a single currency to take 2 or 3 days to process.

I would like to see at least an option to enable these fields even for single-currency transactions.

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This happens when you transfer money between accounts with different currency. In many cases such transaction takes longer to process, i.e. you send the money from one account, but due to the process of currency conversion (selling on the market by your bank) it can takes some time to for the money to appear on the other account. Therefore there is such an option.


I hope this helps.

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