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Apple Watch :: Categories and Payees

Hey guys, I love MoneyWiz but don't get the Watch App. I was so looking forward to enter my stuff on the go. Say, when I do errands, buy gas or go out for dinner. None of those activities are related to the (alphabetically) first 12 categories I have. I have over 50 nicely nested categories and need, let's say 6 of those on a regular basis when on the go. Why not let me pick from the last 12 used categories or, even better, let me decide which categories should be listed on my Watch? That would be absolutely great. On the Payee side the list is way too long for me. Please add a option to hide my complete address book and only list Payees that actually have been used in MoneyWiz. That would make an awesome Apple Watch App. Thanks and keep the great work up!

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Sarah, you can reorder categories under settings, it shows you the first 12 (I think)

Iliya, I understand why the Watch app isn't a high priority, but I'm throwing my support behind it better too.

This is how I use the Watch app. I have Apple Pay on my Watch and phone. When I do my grocery shopping, I pay using my Watch, and then I enter the transaction in MoneyWiz on my Watch. Updating the Watch app will give me two advantages. 

1. It's often quicker to pull my phone out and enter the transaction on my phone. This will alleviate this need 

2. The second one, a big one. This will allow me to go for a walk/run and leave my iPhone at home, pay for a meal on my Watch, and then enter the transaction on my Watch and it would sync when I get home. Currently, the limitation here is the MoneyWiz Watch app.

Just got myself an Apple Watch and couldn't wait to be able to use MoneyWiz on it. Unfortunately it's nowhere near ready yet for replacing my reliance on the phone or iPad app. No way to record transfers, categories are missing - my first 12 all relate to automobile, which generally isn't what I'm looking for when I spend money on my debit card to buy coffee! Payees are down a long scroll list. I do realise that it must be very difficult to add in these kinds of things, but my Wishlist includes the following: 1. Transfer from and to existing accounts (like the rest of the MoneyWiz family can handle - I do many transfers as I juggle funds back and forth). 2. Use a short cut of A-Z to access categories, then accept a further screen to access sub-categories, or alternatively, allow us to categorise the transaction and leave it at that, without using a sub-category. 3. Have a visible notation on the desktop/device apps that you can use to go back and reconcile or add in missing information from these more basic transactions added in. 4. Allow us to add in a new payee - or create a default APPLE WATCH payee so that you can go back and find the ones that need more detail added. Lastly, if there was also a screen that showed the last 10 transactions (for example) for an account, this would be very helpful. Some of these may be possible to do only if the watch and iPhone were connected to internet to download the information. However, if it is possible, please look towards implementing some or all of my thoughts above.

@Nick, this is the proper way to handle cash withdrawals and indeed there is no transfer option in the current Watch app.

i dont know how everyone else manages cash withdrawals - but i normally just make a transfer to a cash account.  but unless Im mistaken a transfer icon is not listed on Watch app?

Hi guys,

We'll probably redo the whole watch app for MoneyWiz 3, but before that our focus is on investment accounts and bug fixing.

To be fair, when the original MoneyWiz Watch app was released, all Watch apps were slow and sluggish, because that's how watchOS worked. The problem isn't the state of the app when it was released, the problem is that it hasn't been updated to support watchOS 3 which would dramatically increase its performance.

guys, i love the Moneywiz app, but having just bought the Apple watch 2 i have to say the app on that device is near useless until something is done about expense categories. im surprised you even released it . Best Regards

Max, I am sorry that you feel this way, but as I've previously said - as much as we want to do everything and satisfy everyone (and believe me, we very much want that!) the reality is that we work with limited resources (we are a small company) and we have to prioritize. Right now, investment accounts and bug fixing/stability improvements are higher priority.

Ok: you're telling me there will be no improvements to the watch App until MoneyWiz 3, whenever this will be released, thinking about your constant delays!? That's a joke!! I understand that the watch App isn't a key feature for you, but not even keeping it state of the art (watchOS 3) is just dilettantish. I don't know why you can't imagine that there are (i think many) people that use this feature several times a day and are waiting for this improvements just because there are few alternatives to this really good accounting app. 

I will now completely switch back to MoneyPro. I don't need the "internet banking" feature and MoneyPro always is state of the art and has an excellent watchApp.

Also, alternatively, You could do it in two screens. First loading only the "super" categories, which I'm guessing usually is less than 30, and after selecting one of them load the sub categories, which I´m guessing is usually less than 30. Might work !


Iliya, appreciate the prompt reply. Looking foward to it. Best


PS I logged this to the dev team to give it a try for update 2.5.1 (2.5 is already waiting Apple's approval).
Hi Pedro, The problem with all categories showing up is the Apple Watch's performance. Our average user has more than 30 categories. It takes close to a minute to load that list on the watch. The way we made it is that we'll show the first 9, for performance reasons only. We have the favorites feature in mind though as it's been suggested before. Anyways, I will ask the developers to see if removing the icons for example would speed things significantly and if it does we'll consider loading the entire list. - Iliya
Hello everyone. Found this thread yesterday but hadn't had the time to post.

I have to say that I am really disappointed.  I used another service and I migrated to money wiz for the sole purpose that it had an apple watch app. I'm really considering the refund of my subscription, specially after reading how low priority the issue is.

Alternatively I really believe it should be a simple feature to be able to either: (i) have all categories show up; (ii) choose a subset of them from the watch iphone app (iii) or be able to pick favorites. I even offer myself as a developer to help out (not sure if that complies with the firm's policies though)

Thanks for the attention on the forum though. It is less frustrating that the demand is clearly not being ignored.




Hi guys, Right now our focus is: * Release 2.5 with tags, receipt sync, categories offset, bug fixes asap. We're aiming for next week release, let's see how it goes. * Then release 2.6 with investment accounts and bug fixes * Then fix any bug ever reported in MoneyWiz * Then focus on MoneyWiz 3. At some point in MoneyWiz 3 we'll re-do the Apple Watch app, but currently it has lower priority because very few people (as % of iOS owners) have an Apple Watch, and given that we have limited resources we need to prioritize on things that affect more people. Sooner or later there will be a new MoneyWiz Apple Watch app that's for sure, but I can't promise when.
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