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Bug in Version 2.0.5 - unable to type in amount field

Hi, with this new version, after tapping to enter a new transaction, the cursor is focussed in the amount field, but the app doesn't respond to typing a value. You firstly have to tap in a different field, then come back to the amount field to get it to work. Are you able to replicate this? Terry

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Hi Terry, on what device is this?

I have the same problem on an iPad Air 2 and an IPhone 5. Unable to enter an amount without either ,going into a different field or If you tap the delete key (x in numeric keyboard) first.
Hi I'm using an iPhone 6.

I've got the same problem. iPhone 6.

Same problem here on an iPad 2.  It's intermittent - typically, it seems that if the "Payee" was recognised, I can't edit the amount, but if the "Payee" is new (or new for that account), the amount can be edited.

* The amount from previous transactions for the same Payee is never populated (it always remains zero).  I can't remember if that's normal for MW2 or not.
* If the "Calculator" keypad is enabled, then pressing "C" will allow editing the amount as normal.


We already reported the issue. This seems to happen only if POS-style entering of transactions is enabled. But there is no need to click on other field. Indeed simply click on X (delete) button on the numeric keyboard or C button (to zero out the amount). And then you will be able to enter.

I hope this helps.


Fair enough. It still would be nice making it possible to enter the amount directly.