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Moneywiz for Apple Watch

Just downloaded the latest update of Moneywiz which includes the extension for Ape Watch. Transactions seem to transfer between devices ok however balances seem all over the place. In addition I understand force touch will provide additional actions on accounts but seems to have no effect apart from zooming the text.

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Good morning SImon. Thank you for posting on the Forum. 

What I noticed so far is that when a credit card is set to Show the remaining Available Credit, on the watch it shows with the Used Credit instead. Are the balances on all of your accounts out of place or just on some? Are they Credit accounts? 

Thank you in advance, and have a great week. 

Hi thanks for the reply I'm afraid it's a mix I have 2 checking accounts that are incorrect by £0,000's, 1 savings account which is correct. With regards credit card accounts 2 are correct another 3 are incorrect. 1 is wrong to the amount of a credit applied & reconciled last month, another the credit + £1. On checking it looks like the error is caused by pending transactions...these are shown in the running balance on the account summary screen on the iOS device but not the Apple Watch app. I've gone thru and marked all cleared and the after uninstalling & reinstalling the balances are all correct except 1 which is exactly £10,001 incorrect!ive checked all transactions and the running total never matches the reported figure. Worryingly my its taking a reinstall to get the balances to change after being marked as the refresh not live as the app on the iOS device updates?

Thank you very much for the quick feedback, Simon. Then we have several issues, one that you might know about already is the use of decimal for Regions that use comma as the separator. The second one is that Credit cards show only the Balance, but not the Available Credit (if the card is set to show that). The third one is the Balance with/without Pending transactions not showing correctly. 

Yes, you need to go back to the account list and then go back in to see the latest transactions entered from other devices. At least this is how it is at the moment by design. 

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