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Allow editing of payee lists


Over time, most users will ultimately have thousands of payees in their MW accounts. If you can't detach the lists of payees and categories from their actual account events like Quicken does, then allowing users to archive at least unused payees would be very helpful in allowing users to choose payees from a less cluttered more useful dropdown than is currently offered.

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We most likely will not be implementing this in the nearest future. We believe that storing all of your data in MoneyWiz is the way to go therefore we do not plan to implement the ability to remove categories/payees without deleting them from the transactions.

Perhaps we will come up with a feature to archive payees but not for categories.


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Thank you James. This will be forwarded to Paweł and rest of the team for further consideration


Another useful thing would be merging payees together. I often find several payees that have slightly different spelling etc. and going back through individual transactions to change them is very time consuming.

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I confirm that merging payees is on our to-do list for one of the future updates :)

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You guys are doing a great job with the new updates.  I see that this is an older thread and was just  curious if merging payees was still being considered for an update in the near future?




Yes, this feature is still on our to-do list but I'm afraid I can't yet say when this would be coming along :-(

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