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Plese make a save button in the lower part. Swipe down to save is not that user friendly as it was planned.

I am using iPhone 6 plus and it is not that easy to swipe down to save the transaction. The gesture needs to be too long to finish the record. It is very awkward. I think having a check mark or a save button somewhere in the bottom would be much more comfortable and user friendly.

On the whole, I think that all check mark buttons might be moved to the lower part of the screen, since the lower part is not used that much. Selecting categeries, then payees, also when configuring reports, all these action require to stretch the thumb to the top  of the screen while the lower part of the screen is left unused.

You already added a plus button in the bottom of the account screen, it makes a big difference in user friendliness. So if you make the check mark at the same very spot, that would make it much more easy to record the transaction and free us from the hassle of reaching the top of screen or trying to swipe down several times.

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The lower part of the screen in the transaction record window is definitely kind of "empty". More controls might be moved there for the better user experience. 

Thank you for pointing it out to us, we'll look into it. Please note that it'd take a lot of re-design therefore we cannot promise any big changes in the nearest future.

For pull-to-save, please simply start swiping from a higher point on the screen.


I moved from Iphone 6+ to Note 5. Android version is deprived of the feature to save transaction by swiping down. You definitely need to add a button in the bottom to save the transaction :-)  

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