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Add some more attributes for transactions

Please add some more attribute/attributes for grouping transactions. You can call it classes or projects. This is what I really miss after switching from anMoney on android (they don't have this app on iOS). Besides payees, I would like to track my transactions by

1) each of my family members

2) each of my business activities


This is quite useful and opens up more possibilities for your amazing app!


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I agree, that there should be more attributes for transactions. So far I only see this in iCompta and MoneyControl. Having ability to classify transactions for different projects and even subprojects would definitely increase the value of this app

Maybe adding support for user-defined 'tags' and allowing reports to be filtered by tag? Multiple tags could be assigned to a transaction and MW interface would allow tag selection from previously used tags as well as new ones created on the fly -- a lot like category assignment works now, but without being tied to budgeting.

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This sounds promising

I can confirm that we'll be working on Tags feature in MoneyWiz 2.1 coming later this year :)

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Is the tags feature still planned for the end of 2015? and will it be included in the reports section?

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I also like the idea of tagging (or labelling) very much. If implemented i can for example report how much I have spent on clothing (and how much my wife had spent on clothings :-) So, Iam supporter of this nwe feature.


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Any updates on this feature? I'm comming from financisto app and I really miss this feature!

Hello everyone,

Tags feature won't be released until Windows version is ready, otherwise the Windows project will never catch up with iOS/Mac/Android.

Once Windows is released, we'll start implementing new features - including Tags - on all platforms.

There's no estimated release date for Windows project though at this time.

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