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Four suggestions: slow PIN, bigger confirmation buttons, smart payee/category lists, enable camera.

1. The PIN entry on both PC and devices is very slow. Sometimes it hangs for seconds before allowing a user to complete the entry. Can you speed it up?

2. On smartphones, the checkmark for confirming an entry (or payee, category, etc) is too small for reliable finger pressing. We constantly miss it and sometimes lose the entry in doing so. Can you make it bigger and position it in the center of screens so it is easier to use?

3. Instead of being presented with an alphabetized list of categories and payees during an entry, we'd prefer drop down history lists listing the most commonly used ones at the top. Once we type letters, these lists could parse the partial search strings with the most common entries (beginning with the search string) previously used. Other financial software we've tried in the past uses this algorithm and it greatly speeds entries.

4. Please allow users to access their device camera to photograph receipts when entering expenses.

Thanks for being so responsive to our suggestions in the past.


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Hello James.

1. MoneyWiz might be syncing when you start the app so the PIN screen, and the rest of the app might be slightly less responsive but it shouldn't take more than a second or two.

2. You can also pull to save the transaction :)

3. We're going to adjust the design of Description/Payee pickers in MoneyWiz 2.0.5.

4. I am sorry if I misunderstood you but I believe that you already can take photos of the receipts in MoneyWiz with your camera :) Perhaps you've blocked access to the camera for MoneyWiz?

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