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Transaction Color

Will there be a feature added to change the color of transactions?  I would like my deposits to show green and deductions to show in red.  Purely a visual thing for me. Thanks!1820

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Hi Brian,

Unfortunately, there is no way to tune the color of transactions, but we do plan to add some modernizations to the interface in the future, allowing MoneyWiz users to personalize the application.

MoneyWiz 2 by default shows the Income transactions in Green and the Expense transactions in Red color. The transaction Category icon and Amount value are always colored in Green or Red depending on the transaction type. 

In case your suggestion was something different, could you please let me know the element of transaction you would like to get colored in Green or Red? 

Thank you!

I am attaching a pic from the app I was previously using to better explain. If MoneyWiz is already capable of doing it then I just have not figured out the settings yet. I appreciated the timely response and believe I have finally found the perfect replacement for the former app that I was using.
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Dear Brian,

Could you please let me know what device you have MoneyWiz on and the version of MoneyWiz installed on your device? 

To check the version:

On iOS device: go to Settings/About&Help.

On MacOSX: click on MoneyWiz on the top toolbar and choose About MoneyWiz.

If possible, could you please attach the screenshot to show how you see your transactions displayed in MoneyWiz?

Thank you in advance.

MoneyWiz is version 2.04 build 32. Just downloaded a few nights back. I am using a 6+ iPhone. Thanks!!!
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