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Internet Banking for Citibank Brazil not working.

I bought the app and one month subscription to test the Internet Bank feature. My bank is listed (Citibank Brazil) but login does not work.

The app keep a loading icon for some time and then gives me an error quoted below (my iOS is in portuguese):

"Desculpe, mas não foi possível processar sua conta devido a variáveis inesperadas. Este tipo de problema normalmente é resolvido em alguns dias. Tente novamente mais tarde. (403)"

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Hi Thiago, 

In order to help you out with this we will need a screenshot of the whole screen, as at the bottom (if you hide the keyboard) there is a code that we need. 

Maybe it would be best if we exchange such data privately via e-mail at rather than provide it here publicly where everyone could see. 

Thank you.