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App lock up while sync occurring

When I open the app the sync starts and the app becomes unresponsive until the sync is complete, usually a couple seconds. It has the same behavior after adding or editing a transaction, thus making it hard to quickly add/edit transactions or switch to a different account without lag time.

Hi Joe, 

On what device is this happening, and what version of MoneyWiz are you currently running? 

iPhone 5s and moneywiz version 2.0.4.
Hi again Joe,

Could you please submit a request to Since it seems like a sync issue, in order to fix it, I think we would need to re-upload your database to the server. So could you please send us a request to aforementioned e-mail, also telling us what is your SYNCbits account and on which device you have the most correct MoneyWiz information (if there are any other devices where you use MoneyWiz on). We will provide you with further instructions.

Thank you.