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Ability to edit the category of a pending transaction

Many times I see that MW has assigned the wrong category to a downloaded pending transaction, but I have to wait to change it until the transaction clears. It would be helpful if I could edit just the category of a pending transaction, since that's the part that is not coming from the download and wouldn't affect the ability to eventually match the pending transaction to its cleared equivalent.

It is expected, I think that MoneyWiz remembers that you have edited the Pending transaction and have the Cleared one download with the proper category. Isn't how this works on your end?  

Editing pending transactions is not allowed in MW 2.04


I have the same situation.

MW sometimes assign the wrong category, especially when you pay to new merchan first time, or when you buy differently cateorized goods from one supermarket.

It is impossble to change category until the transaction clears.

It would be usefull if I could edit just the category of a pending transaction.


We've been investigating this a couple of times but I'm afraid that for various reasons, we are unable to allow modification of pending transactions. We understand that in some cases it might be inconvenient and trust us that we've been exploring it thoroughly :) Just for many technical reasons, it's better that we disallow modification of those transactions.

Apologies for the inconvenience.