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Show Budgets in Dashboard

I would like to be able to view Budgets in my Dashboard.

I find the dashboard really useful, since I currently have it set to show all Pending transactions (so I know what I need to be checking), and current balances on accounts.

However, for my wife, the key thing she wants to see is how we're doing against the budget - does she have enough left to buy that new pair of shoes (or, more likely, take us out for dinner)?

At the moment, the Dashboard is useless for that.

I'm sure this must be on your to-do list - but it would be nice to know what version you're targeting with this feature!

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We're listening to feedback regarding new Dashboard widgets very closely as we're excited about this feature as well and we'd love to introduce more widgets. While I cannot say when we'd be able to introduce this widget, we'll certainly look into it!

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