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Reconciling transfer transactions on-the-fly

I know you're probably working on it, but when working with online linked accounts and downloaded transfer transactions the current solution of making a transaction a transfer, indicating to 'transfer to' account, and then switching to that account and deleting the duplicate downloaded transaction is ummm, suboptimal. :-) I'd like to suggest that when manually creating a transfer transaction, when I select the 'to' account, you show me a quick list of transactions in that account, matched by amount and within, let's say 3 days, on either side of the date of the transaction I'm editing and let me pick one, or none, as the 'to' transaction.

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Thank you for requesting and describing this :) We'll see what we can do.

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God yes, why this isn't a thing already is infuriating. 

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Yes this is a big pain to have to delete a duplicate entry for every transfer between accounts. It would be nice if your app could automatically recognize transfers between accounts so I don't have to do this manually. YNAB has a pretty good feature that matches manually entered transactions with ones imported from your bank, and also matches transfers between accounts. I'm really surprised there isn't more people wanting/needing this feature.

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YES!!! I was about to write this! John, you read my mind, including the solution you proposed is exactly what I was going to suggest!!!

Of course if the app could this autocratically would be ideal, but John's suggestion I believe is easier and quicker to program until we have a permanent solution!!!

PLEASE do this quickly!!! 

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