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Swipe right to edit

On iOS/iPad it would be helpful when reviewing a list of imported transactions in an account if I could just swipe right to edit, rather than choose Options::Edit.

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I'm happy to tell you that it's on our to-do list Jon :) We cannot yet say when it'll be introduced but it's planned.

It would be cool to add this for android version too

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I would suggest a bolder approach to swipe feature: instead of Edit option, display straight a list of 3 most used categories recently. Plus, a full swipe would change to the full category picker screen. Consider the user experience case: when you imported the transactions you already have account, date, time and amount defined. The main reason to edit a transaction is to change the category. Of course the "democratic" option would be to put Edit on swipe, but I dare you to be fearless and apply the Pareto principle, leaving the Edit where it is currently but give a boost in productivity to the main use case of editing imported transactions.
Just to add to my vision, once you click on a Category in swipe options or choose one on pick a category screen, the transaction should be changed and saved without further confirmations. This is to remove the speed bumps out of the way.
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