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just up dated my imac

Hi just updated my imac to your version 2.0.4 and I can no longer log in as I am now unable to enter my pin ( just not working) any ideas ?



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Hi Paul, 

I have the same issue and emailed the developer 3 days ago - there is still no solution.

I judge this to very poor customer relations for what is relatively an expensive App.



We're aware of the issue. Fix will be provided in a day or two. Sorry, our dev team is out in the weekends and this happened just before the weekend.

Temporary fixes of the issue are:

1. Disable the PIN from iOS if you have MoneyWiz there, and it will sync over to the Mac and disable it there

2. On Mac, disable the internet connection, then start MoneyWiz, enter the PIN (it will work) and then re-enable the internet connection.

@Howard - our team replied to your original e-mail within 12 hours of receiving it. Check your SPAM filters, maybe our original reply ended up there.

Not true. I have not had a reply since Friday!

Howard, It is Eastern Easter! Easter Holidays start on Friday! Please let me know if you received my e-mail, thank you!

So what? The holiday hasn't stopped you publicising my PIN and shipping software with a bug!!

We submitted the update 2 weeks ago. It took Apple 10 days to approve it and the timing is just before Easter. There is nothing we can do about that. As we said, we will submit a fix on Monday and ask Apple for quick approval.

Cheers lliya thanks for the prompt reply,understand the Easter problem will wait for the next update rather than fiddling around with a fix, just pleased it's not my Mac playing up.

many thanks for a temp fix. it works, I apologise for repeated emails.Looking forward to permanent fix