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Questions regarding features lacking in Moneywiz vs. MW2 on iOS

I migrated over to Moneywiz in good faith after Pocketmoney died. Having just been through tax season, though, there are some essential features needed that I'm wondering if MW2 has, because it's been horrible with 1 and I'm about to dump the whole product after having purchased it last September.

1) Export to CSV -- does not separate the multiple-category transactions by amounts, so for example, if I make a deposit with checks from a 1099 company and some from individuals, I can't separate that on my taxes. THIS IS THE BIGGIE.

It also affects looking back on my transactions to see how much belonged to each category. It takes TOO MANY CLICKS for that. 

2) Still wondering about incomes as budgets. There is still no at-a-glance way to tell how much income came in and from what sources, as far as I can tell. Or is this present in 2? Very very bad for self-employed folks.


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+1 for complete data being exported in the CSV file. Not having the splits is an issue for me. In the case of pocket money, each line in the CSV was a transaction or one split in the transaction:


Thank you for reporting this to us. I'll forward your comments to our team so we can look into it.

As for incomes, you could generate Income Categories report for Last Month for example and save it locally so you can re-generate it quickly.

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