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Scheduled Payments Automatically Enter 1 month in advance.

MS money gave the option where your transactions automatically entered your bank account up to 1 month in advanced. At the moment I have to load these all by hand.

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Thank you for writing to us!

We've designed MoneyWiz so that all the repeating bills and charges would stay out of your way until they are due/paid. For the individual transactions you'd like to see in your register early, you can simply try paying the Scheduled transaction early.

I'll keep this feature request open so that we could gather more feedback from other users to see how popular this request is.

This is similar to another request that I put in earlier in the forums but I was basically just told to use the Forecast report because it was 'the same thing' even though it is not.  (page 13 of the forums - Pre pay scheduled transactions to date)


I don't think MW quite understand our frustrations.

I now use the customise report, but it only provides me a period over view. (total expenses vs total income)

I found the period looks positive when in reality I may have insufficient funds on specific days.

I am still manually entering future transactions.

Hello again,

I am not sure that I understand the issue then perhaps. Scheduled transactions are included in the Forecast report (regardless whether they are paid or not). Other reports do not include Scheduled transactions unless they are paid. Most of custom reports have the ability to include Scheduled transactions in the calculation too.

You do not need to pay your Scheduled transactions early in order to check how your balance will look like at the end of the month or later in the future.

Please note that if you have many transactions on a single day, the chart indeed might look confusing - we are going to fix this in 2.2 update.

The issue is, at least in my case, I don't want it in a report where I can't manipulate the data easily.  I want the data in my register.  It's really not that hard to understand.  Not everyone wants a report.

I schedule the transactions because I know when they will occur periodically, but I don't want to wait for the day they are scheduled to be able to see them in my register because I might want to adjust the number for that month.  I.E. I have a phone bill that is usually $20 but this month it's $25 because of calls I made.  I'm informed of this 10 days before it's due.  I want to make sure the right number is in the transaction but, right now, I have to wait for it to come due or manually pay it, then change it.

I'm not sure that I understand the issue with extending the same code you use to "automatically pay" scheduled transactions and giving us the ability to set a future date that we want the transactions "paid" to.



We've decided to take another approach than MS Money and we encourage users to keep your Scheduled transactions out of your Account register until they are due and paid. This is why we offer reports (Forecast report allows you to review Scheduled transactions even before they are paid - also any custom report where you tick "Include scheduled").

We will continue to monitor this thread for comments and votes.


While that method of accounting might work for you, it doesn't work for me and perhaps a few others.  It is an accepted accounting practice to prepay expenses and have them sit in the ledger before they are incurred. I fail to see how what we are requesting differs from that practice.

Frankly, if your position is that you are going to encourage your users to not pre-register transactions, then there is little point in you monitoring this thread for votes or comments because no argument we, the minority of your user base who want this, is going to sway you.

Thanks anyway,


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One more vote to show scheduled transactions in account transactions list. For me it's the most needed feature as it's the only proper way to get fast overview of the near future. My income varies from month to month so I have little use for traditional budgeting as my spending also varies depending on my income. The forecast report is totally handicapped way to get the overview. If this is so against your view, maybe you could add this feature as an option so one could turn it on or off in the setting somewhere as it's VERY important to some of us.
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