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Hide Unused Payees

Ideally, I would like to be able to delete payees without impacting historical transactions.

If that's not possible for technical reasons, having the option to Hide them from the autocomplete would be an acceptable compromise.

You may ask "why?" - I can give you 2 very good examples:

  1. I have imported historical transactions from the last 10 years - some of those are badly spelled due to flaws in my old software.  I don't want to lose the information that this money was spent at "Mc Donalds" - but I also don't want "Mc Donalds" appearing every time I try to type "McDonalds"!

  2. My ex girlfriend was called "Barbara" (not her real name).  My new wife is called "Betty" (not her real name).  Every time I type "To B" - MW suggests that I'm transferring money to my Ex!  Really not a reminder I want 10 years after breaking up with her!

I'm sure that there are plenty of other examples where a Payee is no longer valid for ongoing use, but you don't want to lose the history of where money went in the past - but these two are the most annoying for me!

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A third reason is that several companies have recently shut down or consolidated their Canadian operations under one name instead of 2 or 3. No need to see them in the Payees list if they no longer exist, but still need to see them in historical reports. 

Thank you for your feature requests! We're working on Merge Payees feature which might help in some of the cases but I understand that a separate feature for hiding the payees might also be useful so I'll note that request separately.

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