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Inconsistent behaviour on Duplicate Transaction

According to a response here, this is partially by design:

"If the most recent transaction in your account is no more than 14 days old, then when duplicating the date is set to today. Otherwise the date is copied from the original transaction."

I enter transactions every day. However, I don't use every account every day!
So what I get is inconsistent behavior:

  • If I duplicate a transaction in my "current account" - last transaction, yesterday - it uses the current date
  • If I duplicate a transaction in my "savings account" - typically, one or two transactions a month - it uses the original date, and I have to update it

How about, instead of trying to be smarter than the user, you just offer a setting - "Default Date on Duplicated Transaction" with options "Automatic, Original Date or Current Date"?

Hello Nick,

This is not a bug - it is by design. As for your request for being able to configure this option, we have this feature request on our to-do list for one of the future updates :) Cannot say when just yet but it's on our to-do list.

This feature becomes useful if for example you are registering some old transactions in an account you are populating with historical data.

I read Iliya's explanation of the design - your "Type A" and "Type B1/B2" people.
We assume there are 2 types of people who enter transactions manually…
Type A: People who do it on daily basis
Type B1: People who do it once a month or so
Type B2: People who are manually imputing old transactions when setting up MoneyWiz for the first time

However, that explanation is not consistent with the actual behaviour - I'm a "Type A" person, and update MW every day, but I get treated as a "Type B" person if I'm modifying an account that has infrequent transactions.

If you want to rewrite your explanation to say "Type A accounts" and "Type B accounts", that would at least be consistent.



Apologies for the confusion. What Iliya meant is that every account is checked separately so you might be using MoneyWiz every day but there might be an account you haven't used in a long time.

We believe that it makes more sense as even if you're using MoneyWiz everyday, you still might need to create a new account and might want to enter lots of historical data in there. Therefore, the check is per account.