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Platform launches

I've emailed a few times. Do we have a realistic launch for Windows platform/version.

The Windows version has been 'coming soon' for a very long time now. I'm guessing the latest excuse will be the impending launch of Windows 10 and the need for some re-coding?

An honest answer will be fine. Some people just want to know a realistic time frame. I don't think your company would put up with a supplier who just kept quoting "coming soon". At some point , you would say, 'enough is enough'.

So please, be honest. We are now in qtr3 of 2015.

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Hello Clive,

We are honest. We just simply do not know. We can make an estimation when MoneyWiz for Windows PC would be released but what if we need to postpone because of unexpected technical difficulties?

Porting MoneyWiz from the Mac to Windows, while making it feel like a native application, is a huge undertaking. We cannot simply estimate that it'll take n weeks as it could be very wrong - in either direction.

We are providing status updates whenever we feel we have something worth sharing. Our latest status update can be found here:

Please note that the estimate we are posting there is just an estimate. We might need to postpone it if we feel that it's not ready.

We are sorry about the delays but we are really working as hard as we can to get it released.