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Diagrams issue

There are some reports that generate diagrams with a wrong values in diagrams. You can see, for example, the issue in the attached file. The expense value should be 693.08 as it is shown at the expenses entries, but the diagram, for some reason, draws 693.080017.
(134 KB)

Hello Taras,

Thank you for informing us about it! It seems that this report displays more decimal signs than it's necessary. Could you please tell me which report did you generate?

Is this MoneyWiz 2.0.3 for iPhone? We've recently released 2.0.4 update, could you please try updating and see if the issue still reproduces?

Thank you in advance!

Hello, Pawel, I used version 2.0.3 for iPhone, but i've just updated moneywiz to v. 2.0.4 and the issue is still present. The extra decimal signs are shown in every report with circular diagram if the value is not an integer or if the fractional part ov the value is not 5. Best regards!


Thank you for the update! I've contacted you privately via our help-desk regarding this issue and will close this forum topic for now.