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First of all, congratulations for such an amazing app. Money Wiz 2 is really great, but one point that in my opinion is still bad is the icon category.

Guys, you did a great job on the interface, but, I'm sorry for saying this, I really am, I love the app, but when it comes to the icons, it seems that they doesn't match with the app devlopment. There are some that are just useless, like the record camera, we have two (why 2?) and one of these cameras is just ugly (the circles on the top are just weird).

Many of the icons doesn't match the concept behing iOS 7-8.

You guys made MoneyWiz a very personal app. You can select the fields you have in transaction mode and so on. I find that great, cause since it's a personal financial app, it's more than just that we can personalize it according to our needs. The feature that I think that should be implemented is the ability for users to upload their icons (Homebudget already does that). Then, I don't need to request new ones, or have a bunch of icons suggested by the community (or developers) that I don't even use. You guys can specify the icon size in order to be uploaded in PNG, and then the app would take care of showing it the way it's designed to be (the orange circle, etc.). is a great place for users to find their own icons.

Maybe I'm saying that in a way that sounds simple, but I don't know how difficult it is to develop such feature. Any way, I'd like give this feedback.

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Hello Paulo and thank you very much for your feedback! :) We really appreciate it.

At the moment, we do not have the necessary backend technologies ready to handle this feature but we are constantly working on expanding our SYNCbits syncing service. Once we have expanded the backend, we might be able to re-visit this feature :)


Few more words about the icons.

Currently the icon store is just a bag of mess.

Icons not sorted, not categorised, not spliced by any of the logical criteria.

Add an icon to a category is just pain.

Bunch of them just useless, missing very important.

No ability to load a personal icon(s).

Also personally the colours of them is not good at all.

This part of MoneyWiz does really let the up down with the UX of the selecting category part.

Sometimes it's really weird, how user experience could be different with in single application.

I really hope the new interface of MoneyWiz 3 does something about this because the looks of the category icons give me headaches. Also, you guys should update them in terms of quantity! This is a 2 years old thread.

 Hi Zeo and Mata,

In fact we have logged a task to our to-do list for organizing Categories icons, and grouping them accordingly. This is something we have in mind for MoneyWiz 3. We can't tell yet though whether this feature will be implemented in initial MoneyWiz 3 release, as it might possibly come in one of its later updates.

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