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Allow a date/time to be set for Adjust Balance

I would like the ability to use the Adjust Balance feature, but supply it with a date for when the balance adjustment is to take effect.

I primarily ran into this issue when I was transferring my accounts from another product (PocketMoney).  I entered my starting balance using Adjust Balance but then there were transactions that predated the exact time that I did so.  It would be nice if that "New Balance" could have been the first transaction in my account.

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It should be implemented, though.  That way I don't have to correct any previous balances by making a transaction labelled "adjusted balance" and manually make it an amount that, in combination with whatever my previous balance was, equalled the real balance of that specific time which finally can make my current balance correct.  

Adjusting the opening balance of an account does not help repair a 5-month gap in a user's transaction record. 

If a user is only able to locate and input 3 of the 5 months of their records, the user is still unable to reconcile his current balance. 

This problem is sure to affect any user who had previously used moneywiz,  stopped, and then got back into using moneywiz a year later. 

(my bank's online website doesn't hold my visa transactions for longer than 8 months, creating 4 months of missing transactions that cannot be added to moneywiz)  

A user recommitting to use moneywiz is likely to to run into the problem of trying to correct his current balance which is being affected by his or her previous transactions.

Do you recommend they just delete their previous records then?


Good catch, this feature should not have this status. Thank you! I've changed it.

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PS why does this thread say "Implemented"? I can allow a date/time to be set for Adjust Balance.


I solved correcting my balance by making a transaction that I labelled "adjusted balance" and made it an amount that, in combination with whatever my previous balance was, equalled the real balance of that specific time. 

This the current fix. 

Actually, now I have another problem which makes me believe I need to be able to add a new "new balance" again.

I have a huge gap of unrecorded transactions a year long. If I change my opening balance wont that mean it begins with those olddddd transactions? and then to maintain my accurate present balance I need to fill in the year of missing transactions? I only have records a half a year back.

What should I do?

Nevermind I forgot I can change opening balance. oops!

@Zak, I am confronted with the same problem, I opened a feature request about this behavior, in case you're still interested:

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Indeed, for example, it is evening now and I remember that I've had $150 in my wallet in the morning, but I've had some expenses during the day, so I need to be able set the account balance to $150 in the morning, and not now (evening).

Not only that, but the account balance adjustment needs to have an option to be persistent. What I mean: if I set that right now my balance is $100, and then I remember - oh, I've had an expense of $25, 3 hours ago, and enter it, my actual balance becomes $75. But I've just told the program that right now my balance is $100, haven't I? Maybe this needs to be reported as a separate feature request.

That would work for my purposes, but can you not think of any situation where you'd want to use the Adjust Balance feature and not have the date/time be right when you clicked the transaction save icon?

Ah, well currently for such situations, you can just edit the account and change the Opening balance from there. 

Addendum: While I can understand the potential requirement to not being able to edit the amount of an Account Balance, the ability to change the date on it would make it easier if you had to redo the amount for some reason.

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