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Pre pay scheduled transactions to date

I would like to see a feature where I could have the ability to enter a date in the future and have all scheduled transactions entered into my accounts as if I selected each one and clicked "pay".  This would potentially span multiple iterations of the same transaction if I had it put in a date several months into the future.

Someone had already requested the ability to see these scheduled transactions in budgets, I'm speaking of having them actually entered into the account they belong in.

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Wouldn't the Forecast report do for this? 

Yes.  However, while that report will show you what is to come, the entries aren't in my transaction register. 

I would prefer them in there so I can manipulate the numbers.  I can't do that easily with the report without leaving the report, changing a number in my account and then regenerating the report.  The report is fine for spot checks on account health, not data manipulation.

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