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Sync issue between iMac,iPad2 & iphone6

Hi ! I met a problem that after syncing via SYNCbits the result of those devices are different in the same time. The app are the same version. Please help to solve this issue.Thanks.

iMac : Version 2.03 (build 15)

iPad2 : Version 2.03 (build 17)

iPhone6 : Version 2.03 (build 17)

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Yes this is happening to me as well, there are 12 accounts on the Mac version but only 6 on the iPad and iPhone - the balances are also not consistent the iPad and iPhone being the same but differing from the Mac. the setting up has taken place on the Mac and sync'd to the iPhone and iPad.

Looks like a similar issue.

@gary - where is the difference? The balances, the number of accounts displayed, the transactions?

@john - Please delete on iPad, install again and sign in again. Did you have data on all devices, or all data was concentrated on the Mac when you've set up the account? If after the reinstall iPad is still not showing the complete data, please contact the support team via e-mail at and let them know that your Mac has your complete data and you need to de-sync and re-create the account from it. Thank you. 

@gary - for now, just let us know which device has your complete data and do not attempt reinstall just yet. Thank you too.  

Thanks Gary

I have deleted the app from the iPhone and iPad so there is only data left for the Mac version which contains the full data.

thanks for looking into this


Hi John,

Could you please submit a request to and we will provide you with further instructions on resolving this issue.