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Expense with a discount ticket

Hi to all,
I try to describe the case with my " excellent English " ! :)

With MW he can handle a payment including a discount ticket?

ES : expense € 100 voucher for € 10 = total expense € 90

It would be very helpful if € 100 are to be divided into several categories and the discount is on the total expense (not on an single article / single category)

The discount ticket I can imagine divided for all categories or only on those I choose.
Ex: 2 out of 3 for the expense's categories.



Hello Raffa,

I am not sure I completely understand you so apologies if I am missing the point :)

MoneyWiz is a finance management application and we try to remain focused at this. If you have regular discount accounts like Starbucks reward card that regularly receives some additional money into, you could consider creating a separate account for this. However, MoneyWiz is not suited for storing information about one-off discounts and we did not plan to change it so far.

If you were partially refunded for your purchase after paying the money, you can use the Refunds feature to reflect this in the data.

But as I've said, I might have missed something so please let me know if my answer was not helpful! :)

you understand very well !!! then maybe my English is not entirely incomprehensible , or perhaps it is you who is very good at interpreting ! :)
I mean a kind of redemption for a good discount supermarket on the total expenditure

thank you

approved solution , I had not seen the single item into "modify" of the transaction


Your English is very good Raffaella, no need to worry :) English is not my native language either.

If you mean that your supermarket deducts some money when you are paying for your items, there is no need to enter the higher amount in MoneyWiz - you can simply enter the final amount you've paid :) Because this is the money that will leave your account in the end.

Should you have any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us back.

Yes , of course , That is clear ... if the expenditure is 100 I write 100. If is 90 (100-10 for ticket discount) insert 90 .

But I would like see in the expenditure's details for categories That would be 100 but I used a discount ticket of 10 .

Perhaps it would be enough to add in the categories of expenditure also those of entry.

I don't know if is a good idea for solving


 Hello everyone, you have news on this topic? For me it is essential to reconcile my expenses.

The supermarket where I make most of my purchases, the discount apply to each transaction, if the amount is € 10.04 the discount is € 0.04, if the amount is € 10.08 the discount will be € 0.03.

sorry for my eng

PS: Raffaella V is my old account but I have had problems with the password and I've created the new one.

Hello again! :)

We have no news on this feature. We still are not sure if this is going to be implemented. If you pay less in the end for your groceries, you should enter the smaller amount in MoneyWiz. We do not track the money saved on discounts at the moment.

Hello there,

I too, would like to see this feature (Discount entry) made available. My problem is that when I make purchases with discounts in different categories. Especially at the gas stations, where discounts are only given for petrol, and not other groceries that I buy.

So, when I need to distinguish the amounts for each category, it becomes a nightmare.


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