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Budget rollover display


I use the budget rollover feature a lot, and it's great. However, it's very hard to see without going into each budget what I actually have available to me when a new month starts and the budget rolls over if I have over/under spent. It would be nice to have a display of what the remaining/available balance is without having to go into the budget.

This is especially important for rolled over budgets where the progress bar of the budget doesn't represent how much of the budget you've actually got left if the rollover feature has decreased the starting balance from what it would usually be. Especially if it's actually negative because of a massive overspend the previous month.




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I have to say, the YNAB budget screen would be an ideal implementation for MoneyWiz.  I love all the extra functionality that MoneyWiz provides but nothing really comes close to the budget view in YNAB.  This would be my single biggest feature request for MoneyWiz.

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Having reviewed your post again, I think the MoneyWiz team absolutely needs to add your suggestion to the app.  It doesn't seem like it would be a huge ask for their developers to do this.  

They need to make interacting with our budgets much more intuitive.  As you mentioned, you have to select an individual budget before you know what you have remaining.  It would be nice to have one screen similar to the YNAB app (look it up on the web) where at a glance you can see every budgeted amount along with the balance and perhaps show it to you over a period of a few months, not just the current month.

Totally agree. The progress bar is a good visual way to see if you're roughly on track throughout the month, but if the starting balance of the budget has been altered by a roll over/under from the previous month then the progress bar becomes pretty useless as a visual clue. Moreover, it's completely misleading as the progress bar will be at zero even if you've actually only got a few pounds left because of an overspend in the previous month. There needs to be some way to see the remaining amount in a budget without going in to it. Especially if you have lots of budgets (as I do!) it's a complete pain. It makes having an accurate picture of how much you've got to spend very difficult. Which is the exact opposite of what the developers intend!

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Well said Ben.  I think their current budgeting system is flawed in a variety of ways.  They really should reconsider the current arrangement and incorporate what you have suggested.  

I would also like to see a multi-period view of my budgets.  For instance, a 3 month view with each month being represented by a different column and the amount you budgeted for that category in each of those months along with the current available balance of that category.  

To have to click on each and every individual budget just to get the real picture is extremely labour intensive and not user friendly.  

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I wanted to thank everyone for their comments :) We've been watching the topic and I'll forward your comments to our team for internal review. We'll see what we can do.

I strongly agree. The only way to see what you overspend on in a previous month, is to generate a report. As was said, that is labour intensive.

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But even when you generate a budget balance report, it isn't clearly laid out what the balance is. You still need to get out a calculator and do the math and then compare it to what balance is in the actual budget. To me that's ridiculous. The budget report should spit out a balance that ties to the balance of the budget.

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Well this feature works fine in IOS but not on Android.

Hello again,

This topic is about something - you can see your current budget balance (including roll-over) without generating a report - just enter the budget in question and look at the balance box at the bottom (if it displays something else than "Remaining", just tap to adjust what it displays).

What Ben was requesting was to be able to see this balance without entering the budget. But you don't need a report for this.

Hi, Pawel! What's the update on this topic? Is this feature planned?

As I can see now (MW on iPad), in the budget list only "non rollover" amount is shown. So, for example, if I have a rollover 100$ budget "Fun" which has a balance of 120$ because of a rollover, I still see "Fun / 100$" caption. I think this is almost a bug (misinformation), so +1 to the feature to be implemented.



I'm sorry but we do not have any changes to announce regarding this at this moment. We do continue to discuss this internally and we do monitor this topic for comments.

Very needed.  I just assumed that this would be updated soon as it is relatively simple and very needed for those who have rollover budgets.

I totally agree
Plus one for this. The budget feature here is nice but full of flaws and the numbers on top of the budgets bar in this update is really useful but I think there is a bug!!!! It never calculate accurately

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