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Shortcuts Or Hot Keys?

When using MoneyWiz on my iMac it would be useful if there was a hotkey combination to edit transactions, rather than using the mouse to "select/edit/select"

Possibly other shortcuts could be offered for recurring actions?


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Hello Douglas,

Thank you for your feedback! I'll note it for our team to review to improve the support for keyboard shortcuts :)

As an experienced typist for over 55 years, I use keyboard shortcuts for everything - Ctrl+C for Copy, Ctrl+V for paste, etc.  I'm using a desk-top, so no track-pad just closer than the keyboard.  I can see how users of laptops will find mouse/pointer movement as easy, but so many things would be quicker using the keys.


Enter new transaction - need to move the mouse to the lower right corner and click on the + sign. 
Why not Cmnd+N for new transaction?

Enter another new transaction (and of course they don't come singly, it's more efficient to do a batch at a time) - hand off keyboard, back to mouse, click again, and then back to keyboard.  

It may seem a trifle but for those of us who have been used to keyboarding everything that we can, it's a no-brainer to fix things like this.



You can create new transaction by using the ⌘ cmd + N shortcut - you have to select which type of transaction you want. Have you tried this?

If you explore menubar at the top of the screen you'll notice that MoneyWiz actually has a lot of keyboard shortcuts. For example, to create an expense you can not only hit ⌘ cmd + N then Enter but also ⌘ cmd + E.

You can also navigate transaction entry screen with keyboard but make sure to enable full keyboard access in Keyboard settings in System Preferences. But since you're a heavy keyboard user, I'm sure you have this enabled already.

Oh, so it is intuitive after all :-)

But there is nothing in the menubar which shows short-cuts - see attachments



The symbols to the right represent shortcuts. For example to quit MoneyWiz you need to press ⌘ cmd + Q.

If there's an arrow to the right instead of a shortcut, please hover your mouse over that menu to see into the sub-menu which would display shortcuts for those actions (i.e. File -> New).

I know well, how short-cuts are shown on the Mac menus.  However, none of the useful short-cuts that were explained earlier in this discussion (N for New, E for expense, I for Income, T for Transfer)  are mentioned either in the menus, Nor in the tutorials, nor in the FAQs. 

We can guess, but if you have the facility it wouldn't be a bad idea to actually tell users what is available.  It's not as if it is a free app!

How about adding a section to the Tutorials or FAQs, simply listing all the keyboard short-cuts.



Thank you for the suggestion! We do plan on adding such an article indeed!

GOOD!   It is really rather basic that when you write some software you tell people how to use it from scratch. 

You have plenty of advice about migrating from a whole host of other money applications, and importing data from online banking, but you seem to have overlooked the very basic requirement to tell new user buyers how to use the software.  Having been involved in IT implementations for decades, telling people how to use it was paramount.

Thanks for this thread. I've learned from it that using the Windows version of Moneywiz I have the following shortcuts available to me:

Ctrl+N new transaction
Ctrl+I new income
Ctrl+E new expense
Ctrl+T new transfer

Are there any more shortcuts I can use?


Now using it on iPad as well, but no shortcuts there - just hit the + sign, which defaults to expense. 

No sign of that 'new article' - can't take that long to write use information, even if it is at the expense of new system tweaks.  Tell users how to use what is already there, and then when you add new things tell us how to use them as well.



The standard keyboard shortcut to reveal available keyboard shortcuts on iOS is to hold the ⌘ cmd button on your external keyboard while in MoneyWiz. This would display available shortcuts in a particular screen.

This is not a MoneyWiz feature but a general iOS feature that works in any iOS app. If you use keyboard shortcuts on iOS then you might find it useful in other applications too.
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