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Having to link catergories everytime

I am importing using quality.QIF file. Unlike MW1 I have to add the categories, unless the transaction is already in MW.

Hi. Do you mean that you imported a QIF file where you linked Category A to be imported as Category B, and the next time you import a new QIF file, Category B is not preselected for Category A, and you have to link them manually? 


I believe we've fixed an issue that sounds like what you're describing, in MoneyWiz 2.0.4. If it continues after 2.0.4 is released, please let us know.

Sorry for the delayed answer. 2.0.4 has not fixed the problem. MW1 remembered the assigned category I gave to my payees. Upon importing my transactions via qIf import I am asked to link the categories and payees each time.
This has been solved. :-)

Glad to hear it's all OK now, Dianne! :)

This sounds similar to what I have been experiencing.  When I import, it remembers the link between the description in the qif file and the MW payee associated with that company, but in the next step, I have to assign the category for each of these, including payees I've used before.




Have you recently reinstalled MoneyWiz? Please note that the links are stored locally and do not sync to other devices and are removed upon application reinstall.